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Continuing Dr. Wolfgang Kleunner's legacy from 1979, the inventor of the Original Flashlube Valve Saver Kit and Valve Saver Fluid, Flashlube Pty Ltd are pleased to introduce yet another revolutionary product - the Flashlube Valve Saver Kit Series 2. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Flashlube Valve Saver Kit Series 2 includes a 1 litre bottle of the TUV approved, iconic Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid to provide the ultimate long lasting protection from valve seat recession and comes with a multi-lingual label to accommodate for many different languages spoken in Europe.

Boasting a new, more modern design, the Series 2 Kit improves on the original and incorporates a low fluid level sensor with a red in-dash low fluid level LED warning light to alert the driver when the fluid needs to be replaced. The fluid rate adjustment screw comes with a locknut to secure the chosen adjustment and a one piece durable heat treated, nickle plated steel bracket ensures that the bottle is secured properly under the bonnet.

The Flashlube Valve Saver Kit Series 2 is available now, continuing Flashlube’s strength as market leaders in the LPG additive industry.

Electronic Valve Saver Kit Series 2