Available in 1L, 5L and 20L Bottles, Flashlube Distilled Water uses a filtration system that eliminates any contaminants or impurities that would have a negative effect on components and metals.

Application: Cooling System:

Refer to vehicle manufacture for cooling system capacity and mix required Coolant Concentrate with Distilled Water.


Application: Battery Maintenance:

Remove battery caps, identify top up line and add distilled water (fill to line).

Note: Always disconnect battery from charging station and always avoid breathing gases emitted from battery.


  • No Chemicals, Odourless.
  • Endless uses - Automotive, Home, Medical etc
  • Safe to use with all engine coolants.
  • Extends battery acid life.
  • Reduces scale formation on metals.
Part No:

FDW1L - 1L Distilled Water

FDW5L - 5L Distilled Water

FDW20L - 20L Distilled Water