Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula is a highly effective cold diesel fuel flow improver.

This additive increases the effective flow range of diesel and biodiesel fuels at low temperatures (to -15°c).

Diesel fuels contain wax, which crystallises and gels at cold temperatures. Fuel gelling, also known as clouding, results in the plugging of fuel lines and filters causing the engine to run rough, hard starting and complete shut down.

Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula inhibits and prevents the wax crystal gelling, offering effective cold fuel flow. It contains a highly concentrated anti gelling additive formulated to provide maximum cold temperature protection.


  • Improves cold fuel flow
  • Prevents fuel gelling
  • Easier cold weather starting
  • Reduces misfiring
  • Fights fuel line freeze
  • Suitable for biodiesel fuels
  • For ultra low sulphur diesel fuel
  • Improves thermal stability
  • Pour point depressant & wax modifier
  • Highly concentrated (100ml treats 50 litre)


  • For best results treat one tank of fuel prior to trip, as this will ensure maximum lubrication of fuel system components
  • Add Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula to new fuel at delivery. The turbulence will successfully mix Winter Fuel Formula through the fuel
  • Treat rate 100ml per 50 litres
  • Double treat rate on first usage to increase maximum lubrication coverage
  • Winter fuel formula can be added to fuel in storage tanks. Add before refilling the recirculating fuel will ensure adequate dispersion
  • In extreme conditions use treat rate 200ml to 50 Litres (2 litre treats 500 litres)

Important: Add when the diesel fuel temperature is above the onset of clouding (approx 0°c)

Part No: 

FW250M - 250ML Winter Fuel Formula 

FW500M - 500ML Winter Fuel Formula

FW1L - 1L Winter Fuel Formula

FW5L - 5L Winter Fuel Formula

FW20L - 20L Winter Fuel Formula