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All Flashlube products are made in Australia to the highest standards employing the latest technology to bring you quality products designed to exceed your expectations.

Flashlube is an automotive engine oil additive that is designed to protect the engine's valves and valve seats. It is specifically formulated to reduce valve seat recession, which can occur in engines that use unleaded fuel.

Valve seat recession is a common problem in older engines that were designed to run on leaded gasoline, which contained chemicals that helped to lubricate the valves and valve seats. When leaded fuel was phased out, many engines began to experience increased wear on their valves and valve seats, leading to reduced performance and potentially costly repairs.

Flashlube works by adding a lubricating layer to the valve seats, which helps to reduce the wear caused by the repeated contact between the valve and the valve seat. This can extend the life of the engine's valves and valve seats, and improve performance and fuel efficiency.

Flashlube is available in a range of formulations, including concentrated additives that can be added directly to the engine oil, as well as pre-mixed versions that can be added directly to the fuel tank. It is commonly used in high-performance engines, as well as in older engines that were not designed to run on unleaded fuel.


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