Flashlube Moly Grease, is a highly effective grease delivering excellent anti wear features for use industrial and automotive industries.

This highly recommended grease is used in the assembly lubrication of CV joints, Chassis, Turntables, as well as control and drive components.

A highly effective grease with excellent anti-wear properties, its formulation of lithium base, high viscosity oils, fine solid lubricants and a fine molybdenum disulphide, provides high stability and protection against wear, as well as a strong adhesion on metals, corrosion protection and resistance to oxidation.


Flashlube Moly Grease, is suitable for a range of industrial and automotive applications:

  • CV joint
  • High load Chassis lubrication pivots
  • Turntable pivot points
  • Controls and drive lines
  • Agricultural Machinery & Industrial Equipment

Advantages and benefits

  • Excellent anti wear formula
  • Excellent protection to corrosion
  • High resistance to oxidation

Available sizes

  • FCVT - Moly Grease 450g Tub
  • FCVC - Moly Grease 450g Cartridge
  • FCV2.5K - Moly Grease 2.5kg
  • FCV20K - Moly Grease 20kg
Moly Grease