Flashlube DOT4 Brake Fluid is developed using poly-glycol fluids, which deliver the correct braking requirements in specified applications.


  • Automotive, Commerical
  • Motorcycles, ATVs, Quad Bikes
  • Hydraulic clutch systems
  • Suitable for OE application


  • Lower water absorption
  • Higher boiling point
  • Compatible with DOT3 & DOT5.1
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Safe & lubricates rubber components
  • Improves response to traction control and ABS vehicles
  • Meets OE application & specification

Note: Not suitable for silicone-based DOT5 Brake Fluid. Always check user manual for application.

Part No:

FBF500M4 - Brake Fluid DOT4 500ml 

FBF5L4 - Brake Fluid DOT4 5L

FBF20L4 - Brake Fluid DOT4 20L